Tor Caldara 3 (Lazio, Italy)

Tor Caldara 3 diffuse degassing area

Type: Soil Diffuse Emission
Description: Small area of diffuse degassing inside the Natural Park of Tor caldara with associated water discharge

Point of contact for this site:
Carlo Cardellini, (Dipartimento Fisica e Geologia, University of Perugia)

No measurements available for this site.

Bibliographic references for this site

Annunziatellis A., Ciotoli G., Lombardi S., Nolasco F., 2003,Short- and long-term gas hazard: the release of toxic gases in the Alban Hills volcanic area (central Italy)., JournaĆ² of Geochemical Exploration, vol.77, n.2-3, pp. 93-108

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