Merapi (Central Java, Indonesia)

Merapi volcano, Indonesia

Volcano: Merapi (see Merapi at the Smithsonian Institution website in a new tab)
Type: Soil Diffuse Emission
Description: Merapi volcano (Fig. 1a) is a 2,970 m a.s.l. basalt-andesite stratovolcano. It is currently the most active volcano in Indonesia with a quasi continuous extrusion rate of lava averaging 3,000 m3 day−1 over the last century. The summit area of Merapi can be described as a cone with a 600 m diameter base and 300 m height. The southern part consists of a degassing crater which also hosts a growing dome. The northern area displays no magmatic activity and little evidence of degassing except for two fumarole fields, and steam condensation along faults.

Point of contact for this site:
Patrick Allard, (Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (IPGP))

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Merapi_010920021/9/2002 Emanuela Bagnato Oct. 2, 2014

Bibliographic references for this site

Toutain J.P. , F. Sortino, J.C. Baubron, P. Richon, S. Sumarti, A. Nonell, 2009,Structure and CO2 budget of Merapi volcano during inter-eruptive periods, Bulletin of Volcanology, vol.71, pp. 815-826, DOI: 10.1007/s00445-009-0266-x

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