Ispica (Sicily, Italy)

Ispica soil degassing

Type: Soil Diffuse Emission
Description: The sampling point is located 3 kilometers in SW direction respect to Ispica. In correspondence of a lateral open space with trees and blocks, in the south side of the local road SP46, there is a signpost Grandi Opere di Maria. In corrispondence of the soil degassing point there isn't any type of clear visible form indicating the presents of the manifestation. This area is interested by an important tectonic lineament, the Rosolini-Pozzalo fault system, at which are attributed the historical seismic events of 1727 and 1903.

Point of contact for this site:
Mariano Valenza, (University of Palermo, DiSTeM)

No measurements available for this site.

Bibliographic references for this site

Monaco C. and Tortorici, 1995,Tectonic role of ophiolite-bearing terranes in the development of the Southern Apennines orogenic belt., Terra Nova, vol.7, pp. 153-161

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