Liu-Huang-Ku hydrothermal area (Taipei City, Taiwan)

Liu-huang-ku Sulfur Valley Geothermal Scenic Area

Volcano: Liu-Huang-Ku geothermal area (see Liu-Huang-Ku geothermal area at the Smithsonian Institution website in a new tab)
Type: Soil Diffuse Emission
Description: LHK hydrothermal area, formed ca. 0.8 to 0.6 million years ago, is a 1 km long, 150 m wide phreatic crater located on the hillside of southwest Tatun Volcanic Group (TVG) with several steaming fumaroles and artificial hot springs. Fumarolic gas composition of TVG samples reflects a mixing signature between convergent plate gases and air/groundwater, suggesting that the magma source of the TVG gas is closely associated with the subduction system in NE Taiwan.

Point of contact for this site:
Tefang Faith Lan , (Department of Geosciences, National Taiwan University)

Number of measurements: 2
Measurement date (d/m/y) Added by Added on
Liu-Huang-Ku_010120041/12/2004 Emanuela Bagnato Sept. 21, 2016
Liu-Huang-Ku_010120061/1/2006 Emanuela Bagnato Sept. 21, 2016

Bibliographic references for this site

Lan Tefang Faith , Tsanyao Frank Yang, Hsiao-Fen Lee, Yue-Gau Chen,Cheng-Hong Chen, Sheng-Rong Song, Shuhjong Tsao, 2007,Compositions and flux of soil gas in Liu-Huang-Ku hydrothermal area, northern Taiwan, Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, vol.165, pp. 32-4, DOI: 10.1016/j.jvolgeores.2007.04.015

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