Sierra Negra caldera (Galápagos Islands, Ecuador)

Sierra Negra Caldera. The entire floor of the caldera is covered by lava flows from the 2005 eruption with flows emanating from the slightly elevated fissure plateau on the far right of the picture.

Volcano: Sierra Negra (see Sierra Negra at the Smithsonian Institution website in a new tab)
Type: Soil Diffuse Emission
Description: Sierra Negra is the largest shield volcano of Isabela Island in the Galapagos, hosting a 9×10 km elliptical caldera. Eruptive centers and different lava fields are subdivided into five distinctive age groups, all being less than 5,000 years old. Fumarolic activity inside Sierra Negra is fault controlled and occurs in an area known as Mina Azufral.

Point of contact for this site:
Eleazar Padrón, (Environmental Research Division, ITER)

Number of measurements: 1
Measurement date (d/m/y) Added by Added on
Sierra Negra_010620061/6/2006 Emanuela Bagnato Sept. 26, 2016

Bibliographic references for this site

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