Rehai geothermal park (Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture)

Volcano: Tengchong volcanic field (see Tengchong volcanic field at the Smithsonian Institution website in a new tab)
Type: Soil Diffuse Emission
Description: The Rehai Geothermal Field (RGF) is the largest and most active geothermal field in the Tengchong volcanic field (TVF). A low-velocity zone indicated by seismic surveys and a highly conductive body recorded by magnetic surveys underlie recent volcanoes located in the RGF providing evidence of an active crustal magma chamber.

Point of contact for this site:
Maoliang Zhang, (Key Laboratory of Cenozoic Geology and Environment)

Number of measurements: 1
Measurement date (d/m/y) Added by Added on
RGP_2604201526/4/2015 Emanuela Bagnato Oct. 27, 2020

Bibliographic references for this site

Zhang Maoliang, Zhengfu Guo, Yuji Sano, Lihong Zhang, Yutao Sun, Zhihui Cheng, Tsanyao Frank Yang, 2016,Magma-derived CO2 emissions in the Tengchong volcanic field, SE Tibet: Implications for deep carbon cycle at intra-continent subduction zone, Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, vol.127, pp. 76-90

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