Changbaishan volcanic field, China (Baishan City)

Volcano: Changbaishan volcanic field, China (see Changbaishan volcanic field, China at the Smithsonian Institution website in a new tab)
Type: Soil Diffuse Emission
Description: Is located in the border area between China and North Korea. It is a potentially hazardous intraplate stratovolcano about 1200 km west of the west Pacific subduction zone.

Point of contact for this site:
Yutao Sun, (Key Laboratory of Cenozoic Geology and Environment)

Number of measurements: 2
Measurement date (d/m/y) Added by Added on
T1_010920161/9/2016 Emanuela Bagnato Oct. 27, 2020
T2_010920161/9/2016 Emanuela Bagnato Oct. 27, 2020

Bibliographic references for this site

Sun Yutao, Zhengfu Guo, Jiaqi Liu, Jianguo Du, 2018,CO2 diffuse emission from maar lake: An example in Changbai volcanic field, NE China, Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, vol.349, pp. 146-162

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