AAA_TEST (Umbria)

Volcano: Aluto (see Aluto at the Smithsonian Institution website in a new tab)
Type: Fumarole
Description: Description

Point of contact for this site:
Carlo Cardellini, (Dipartimento Fisica e Geologia, University of Perugia)

No measurements available for this site.

Bibliographic references for this site

A. Aiuppa, P. Bani, Y.Moussallame, R. Di Napoli, P. Allard ,H. Gunawan, M.Hendrasto, G.Tamburello, 2015,First determination of magma-derived gas emissions from Bromo volcano, eastern Java (Indonesia), Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, vol.304, pp. 206-213, DOI:

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